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At the beginning of the century, our family bought Don Pedro’s Kitchen, a small company that made authentic Mexican foods in a kitchen in La Puente, California. It was famous locally for its Cecina, Chorizo and Latin-style Jerky. Over the years, we grew and moved to a slightly larger kitchen in Covina, California, where today 38 great people make delicious Latin Food every day.

Although we are not a retail store, our Latin Jerky became a favorite of long-haul truck drivers and they often dropped by the kitchen to buy a case for themselves. It wasn’t long before their secret got out and soon we were shipping Latin Jerky to individuals all over the country.

Today we receive visits from all types of people. Athletes enjoy Latin Jerky as a delicious protein snack with no sugar; moms buy it for their kid’s soccer teams; and soldiers stockpile it on their bases.


Yes, these are our actual customers

With so much demand, we decided to go ahead and launch LatinJerky.com to better serve Latin Jerky lovers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

This simple online store may not be fancy but we have chosen to avoid expensive designs and trendy claims. We prefer to stick with what we know: Delicious, artisanal, Latin-style Jerky. That’s enough for the customers who love our products and have become our friends.  

If you haven’t tried our Latin Jerky yet, we invite you to discover its unique authentic Latin taste. If you like it, tell your friends!